Call Tracking

 Call Tracking for Higher Conversions!

Call Tracking is a fantastic way to know which marketing approach is making your phone ring.  For each marketing campaign, you will be able to: 

    • Understand your most valuable referring websites
    • Measure your website’s true value by understanding your bounce rate (linked to analytics)
    • Understand which campaign (or print collateral) is generating the best leads.
    • Understand which keywords are delivering conversions.
    • Track total calls vs. first time or unique callers.

  NOTE:  All graphs were from the same client account over the same period of time.

This sample report allows you to identify key indicators such as:

  • Keyword(s) terms used by visitor to find your site
  • Which search terms led visitors to call
  • Number of first time visitors
Keywords Chart 1

This sample graph shows the number of Calls per Day and Calls per Hour. The green bar shows the one missed called.  The highest call days are Monday and the highest call hours per day are 8:00, 10:00 and 2:00.  No calls on Sunday?  Could this be fear of weekend rates?

Keywords Chart 1

This sample graph shows two factors:

  • Total Calls vs. No Answer (only one… it rang 3 sec, then hung-up). 
  • It also shows the highest activity per day.  I’m seeing 14 calls on Monday?  What caused such a high spike… extra radio of T.V commercials?  You’ll also notice of the total 101 calls, 76% were unique, meaning they were first time callers.


Keywords Chart 1
This sample report shows National influence by State.  Some visitors are calling from out of state, and we could drill down further to see which pages they landed on.  This might be large contractors looking for something specific on your site, or some other reason.  You could ask your Call Center what was discussed in the minutes they spoke. Keywords Chart 1
This sample report shows callers by City, and most calls are originating from the Indianapolis metro area.  If you wanted to target more work form certain locations, such as the town of Melrose (your second highest interest area), we could build landing pages specifically targeted for those individuals in your ads.  Keywords Chart 1

This sample report allows you to understand your most valuable referring websites by the number of visitors that come to your site from them, and the number of phone calls that result from their visit.

Keywords Chart 2


  •  Log in for reports or receive by email. We can also post data directly into your preferred CRM.
  •  Measure your website’s true conversion rate by tying individual visitor sessions to phone calls.
  • Learn more about your callers.
  • When reviewing a call, you can also see the outbound phone calls made by your staff to this customer.
  • You can listen to all of your company’s inbound and outbound phone calls.
  • Discover what the caller did prior to calling.
  • You’ll see the exact keywords that led to the visit + the exact pages that were viewed.


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