Why ProVim

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We’re more than a web developer; we’re a communications company, too!

Located in Indianapolis, ProVim is more than a web developer.  We do provide web site hosting, desktop and mobile web site design and development, but we also provide a number of related creative and communication services.  They include video and still photography services, web site analytics, heat mapping, call tracking and print collateral design.  When you choose ProVim for your organization’s web and creative needs, you gain a talented team of individuals who can make your ideas come to life!

 What makes ProVim the right choice for your organization?

The answer is simple: our people and our processes.

Our people form a team that offers professional web developer services with attractive designs and content by blending the work of our talented staff members on each project.  Working together with you, our wonderful people create complete solutions which make your website more valuable to your organization.  We focus on the strengths of each staff member so that we can utilize them fully.

Our process centers on a strong foundation of detailed communication and collaboration with each client.  After an initial interview to gather information and your initial ideas, we lay out the details of our projects from inception to completion so that there are no surprises along the way.  Our website services include competitive research and information architecture before we begin designing and coding your site so that you can approve or modify the direction we are going.  We also communicate frequently with our clients as the project moves along, keeping you up-to-date on deadlines, items to be delivered, and any open issues that you need to decide.

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