Jun 12 2013

Who Uses a Phone Book Anymore?


Business owners have known for years that they needed a listing in the phone book so that people could find them.  They paid a lot of money for the ads believing it brought them business because people regularly used the phone book.

Is the Phone Book Dead?

Today’s leaders have to decide whether to continue paying for phone book ads, as well as paying to create and maintain their website.  Part of that decision is their belief about how many people use the phone directory, and how many people use web search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

It is not easy to find out how many people still use the phone book to find businesses, but we can consider our own behavior and that of families and friends as a guide.  In my case, we haven’t kept a telephone book in years, even though they are delivered several times a year.  We always recycle them immediately because they are too slow to use.  I have heard others say the same thing, so I believe the use of them phone books is low.  As for search engines, I probably do at least 2-3 every day and some days do many more.   Is your experience similar?

 It is much easier to measure traffic that comes from internet search engines, and even to divide it up by desktop computers and mobile devices.  There are several reliable analytic packages available that can be added to a website to get the information, as well as a lot of completed research you can use today.   Mobile users are clearly strong in this area.  According to a 2012 Google study, 92% of smart phone users use internet search engines to find local businesses, and 89% of them have taken action after finding a local source of what they are seeking.  For other types of ads,  phone tracking software can show you exactly who is calling you from any particular source.  There are a lot of tools to help you.

 If you doubt the value of continuing your phone book ad, we can help you make the decision.  By adding the right analytics tools to your website, you can get the data you need.

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