Jun 10 2013

What Is a QR Code?

Many people are asking what is a QR code?

QR Codes are two dimensional barcodes that often contain an internet address leading to a mobile-friendly web page.     qr code for todays qr

Codes can include references to video, audio, mobile websites, text message or phone number dialing, calendar appointments, contact information, plain text or more.

Free barcode reader applications for most mobile devices can be downloaded and used to decode these bar codes.

QR codes are an instant vehicle to deliver additional information found in print — instant interactive information for your customers.  No matter what your products or services are, if you want your audience to have a Quick Response (QR) experience to complement the printed message, you need QR Codes.

Because QR Codes are online, this enables you to effectively measure the reaction and engagement with that audience. Have you ever wondered the value of the phone book, or how many leads were generated from a specific print magazine ad?  Each use of the QR Code to get to the destination is tracked so you’ll know if your advertising dollars are generating traffic for you.

We create the QR code for you and the experience for the user.  The information they see is specifically tailored to the item or service being promoted, and the environment in which it is delivered is aligned with your goal.

Understanding the viewer’s environment will drive the design of the solution as well as the actual product or service itself.  If the QR code is to be used in the Sunday newspaper flyers, typically that audience is sitting in their living room enjoying coffee. That display should have emphasis on great audio to provide a multi-sensory experience. If the setting is has a high amount of background noise, a text based video should be developed – providing an effortless and informative experience.

The goal of a QR code is for it to easily lead potential clients to an enjoyable, interactive experience that answers their questions and informs them – ultimately, driving them to make a purchase.

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