Jun 28 2012

Using mobile technology for instant sign-ups

qr code frye electric kids club

Frye Electric is using QR codes and mobile technology to sign up members for their new kids club. Launched at the
Hendricks County Fair, they wanted parents to be able to sign their children up on the spot, rather than wait until returning home. Using a QR Code to access a sign-up form on their mobile website, Frye Electric provided instant access to potential members.

Integrating mobile technology to your campaign can prove to be a valuable tool for increasing conversions. By providing mobile access, you allow your target to connect instantly to the activities you want them to complete. A user-friendly mobile website gives your target audience a platform that is easy to navigate, including buttons and form fields which are built for viewing on their mobile device.provided instant access to potential members.

 Don’t wait until they’re back at the desktop computer at home or in the office; eliminate barriers to accessing your information. QR codes open the door for instant mobile access. Add a QR code to your print collateral, whether it be a brochure, business card, or booth banner. Without a mobile website, your audience must wait to access your content until they are back at their desktop computer, or attempt to view it via mobile, which can lead to disaster.

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