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Nov 15 2013

Community CDC Goes Mobile!

Community CDC of Houston, TX recently launched a new mobile web site for calculating Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans.  They are now able to circulate the website to bankers, CPAs and other financial firms so they can get a quick estimate on a loan via any smart phone from anywhere at any time.  They know that their lending partners are using mobile technology more and more frequently, so having a mobile 504 loan calculator is perfect for them, and will strengthen their working relationships.

Here are a few screen shots of the mobile web site.  The left image is the home page navigation options, the center image is the results of a calculation, which can easily be emailed to anyone in pdf format.  The right image shows how easy it is to contact staff members.

commcdc-home            commcdc-calc-results          commcdc-staff  

Users can access this website by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code, or by typing the domain name into any browser on your smart phone. Try it yourself – just type in

These calculators are available to CDCs across the nation.  If you’d like to have one for your CDC, give us a call at 317-299-5150 or email and we’ll explain what is available and all the options.

Jun 21 2013

Recruiting on Mobile Website Attracts Applicants

Recruiting on Mobile Websites is Growing Trend

Companies would be wise to begin recruiting on mobile websites to show openings and attract more job seekers.  This statement is according to a USA Today article published on Feb 25, 2013, ” Employers’ old tech hurts hiring as job hunts go mobile.”  Both  CareerBuilder and Indeed, two leading job-search sites, say the number of mobile searches has more than doubled the past year.

Attract Applicants Who Respond Faster 

Recruiting on mobile websites allows users to set up alerts about new job postings, and they can then receive messages at any time about a new opportunity.   Mobile applicants are also able to respond to alert messages and submit their resume sooner, such as at lunch, on the ride home, or watching TV in the evening.  Since they don’t have to wait to get home to send in a resume or to agree to an interview appointment, they believe this gives them an edge on their competitors.  They think their resumes get read and acted upon ahead of other desk-bound applicants in the screening process.

If you are looking for candidates “who are a little more cutting-edge,” you should consider recruiting on mobile websites.  You might find that the quality of your applicants is  higher due to their technical skills and interests.  You will also know that these applicants can work from their mobile phone if needed.

 Good for Permanent or Temporary Hiring

mobile website recruitinghiring mobile website

One of our clients, Indiana Pork, is using a mobile landing page to sign up temporary employees for their Food Tent at the Indiana State Fair.   Here is an image of their landing page and the QR code that leads to it.  This would be easy to use with a banner, or on signage at a job fair, or in any kind of print collateral.

If you are seeking college interns, this could be posted on a college bulletin board, added to a Facebook post or a included in a Tweet.  It is likely to be shared quickly in that way, since all college students have mobile devices.

If you want to give this a shot with your recruiting, give us a call.  We’d be glad to help.  

Call ProVim today at 317-299-5150!




Jun 17 2013

QR Code Strategy #1 – Increase Your Message

This is the first in a series of articles about QR code strategy for using QR codes in your business.  In the series, we’ll tell you several useful approaches to using QR codes in  your print collateral.   

The first QR code strategy is Increase Information in Your Message.

Many businesses believe that print advertisements are expensive and difficult to write.  The right text for one market segment might be the wrong text for another segment, so how do you know what to write?  And how many words can you write in one ad (or on a business card) without being too text heavy?  And how will you know the number of people who read that ad so you can judge whether it was worth the money?  The effects of advertising expenditures can be hard to measure.

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