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Jun 04 2013

Overcome Business Problems with Technology

The best thing about technology is that it can overcome business problems for us. It takes a little creativity, and often another set of eyes, but it’s worth searching for an answer.  Let’s take a look at some examples. Spread Your Contact Info – You want people to call you, but let’s be honest — almost nobody is going type all of your contact information into their phone.  However, you can use technology to make it easier for them to call.  By using a mobile friendly page, they can  download and save it in seconds with the push of a button.  When that technology is linked from your business card, it becomes the perfect way to solve this problem. Making things easier for smartphone users is just part of good customer service.  Gary Huff and the fine people at Premier Capital Corp used this technology to overcome business problems they faced.  
Educate Your Clients – A weight loss physician wanted his prospective clients to see his seminar before they became clients, so he spent time and effort to create DVDs of his seminars.  Then he had to order and stock the DVDs, distribute them, collect for them, replenish them, and also get hard copy verification that the patients had watched them.  This process was labor intensive and prone to errors, so he looked to technology for a solution.  Now the seminars are always available on a streaming server, and patients have to log in to view them.  There are no more DVDs, no paper trail, and very little labor involved to achieve the goal.  Dr. Jay Piatek of The Piatek Institute uses this technology to overcome business problems today, and he is glad that he does.   Take a Client Survey – A local organization wanted to know which of it’s entree’s was most popular in their food tent at the State Fair.  However, getting a hard copy paper survey filled out after eating seemed to be problematic, as well as expensive due to the cost of labor to count and record every answer.   They asked how technology could help, and decided to do a mobile survey.  After eating, mobile users scanned a QR code in the tent and quickly submitted their preferences.  A database captured the data, and an automated report sent the results to the owner without the need for human labor.  Sarah Ford of Indiana Pork overcame her problem with technology and is glad she did.
There are many ways to use technology to overcome problems in your business, but sometimes you can’t see them from where you sit.  We’d like to help you come up with solutions; we are anxious to help!

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May 28 2013

Make Your Business Easy to Find

Your Business can be Easy to Find with a Mobile Website  

Potential customers are trying to find you by using local searches on their mobile devices; if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, those customers are likely to find your competitor first.  This is especially true for restaurants.

 According to Google, 92% of US smartphone users use internet search find local businesses.

89% of them have taken action (such as call, visit, or buy) shortly after finding a local source for the service or product.  Furthermore, 82% of them say they perform a phone search once a week or more, so they provide a lot of search traffic.  An impressive 48% of smartphone users say they have visited a local business they found on the mobile web.

The top category for local searches is restaurants.  

map of indy restaurants

They have the most to gain from being easy to find on a mobile website.  How often have you heard “you decide” as you consider going to a restaurant with someone?  If you don’t know all the restaurants in that area, your smart phone can show a list of them or a map of them with flag markers.  The probability that you will choose a restaurant that shows up on the map is very high, especially if you can click a flag and see mobile friendly information.

If you have any kind of retail or service establishment that people visit in person, you should have a mobile website that makes you easy to find.  There is no reason not to capitalize on the trend in local searches to put money in your pocket.

Prices for simple mobile websites start at just a few hundred dollars.

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May 27 2013

4 Most Important Features – Mobile Websites

The 4 Most Important Features of a Mobile Website


Mobile visitors search for key information: 

    1. contact: phone number and email address
    2. directions
    3. store hours
    4. product or service information

Mobile-friendly websites make that information easy to find, with prominent buttons that are finger-sized for easy navigation.  Most regular websites don’t work well on mobile devices because the content is hard to read or difficult to navigate, so mobile users get frustrated and go elsewhere.  A Google survey of mobile users showed that when they saw a non-mobile friendly website, 61% of them went to a competitor.   To avoid that, you need a mobile website that attracts and engages users.  

Mobile users are more active than desktop users

  • They may be in their vehicle or a coffee shop looking for key information so they can go there right now.   
  • Mobile users are action-takers.  90% of all mobile searches result in some form of action, such as calling the business, visiting it, or making a purchase on-line.
  • Mobile users are generally close to making a purchase and looking for final information before they pull the trigger.
  •  According to Google, 67% say they are more likely to make a purchase on a mobile friendly site.  Also, nearly three quarters of mobile  users have made a purchase based on information from their phones.

If you are thinking about building one of these, you need these must-haves to make it effective.  The info-graphic below contains good explanations, and we build all of those features into every site we create.  We’ve built a lot of them and can build a great one for you!

If you would like help designing and creating a mobile website, give us a call today at 317-299-5150.  

4 key factors in a mobile site

The info graphic was published by DemandForce in partnership with Column Five.

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