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Jun 11 2013

Three Mobile Options

Three Mobile Options are Available

If you are considering starting up a mobile website, there are three mobile options available to you.  There are many different opinions on which is the best option, so this article will help you understand a few of the basic differences between them. 

The three mobile options are a responsive website, a mobile application, and a custom mobile website.  Here is some quick information about each of the options.

Responsive website  

This is additional code in a website which causes it to adapt the mobile device.  You can keep your existing website but it will display the same content differently on a 3 inch phone, a 5 inch device or a 17 inch laptop.  This option allows you to maintain your content in only one location and it doesn’t take a lot of time to add the code.  However, users may find it slower because of the amount of content to download and because there are limits to the ability to use some attractive mobile features.  Designing a responsive site to work properly on every mobile device, browser and operating system can be complicated.

Mobile application (app)

This is a program that a user must find and download onto their device.  It performs specific functions quickly and effectively, so many companies use them.  Apps require users to download each update also, which can be frustrating for mobile users.  Apps are generally more expensive than the other two options, and they must be approved for distribution prior to launching them.

Mobile website

This is a streamlined customer experience for mobile users.  Mobile sites are fast loading and incorporate attractive features such as one-touch to dial, one-touch to map, and easy downloading of contact information.  This type of site can be a single landing page or many pages so the cost and development time can be low for simple sites.  Since the user must have internet access to get to the website, a poor signal can slow down the site.  Updates made to the site are immediately available with no user activity required.

  Before you decide on the option for your mobile presence, you should decide on the goals you want to achieve with it, and then consult with developers to get more ideas and information.  ProVim is an Indianapolis mobile website developer using jQuery framework, and we’d be glad to discuss your individual situation with you as you make a decision.   

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Jun 05 2013

Why Do I Need a Mobile Landing Page?

This chart below shows data from one of our customers who did not have a mobile landing page, which is a page specifically built to receive people using mobile devices.  A mobile landing page is designed to be easy to read on a small screen and has finger-sized buttons for easy navigation.  

Mobile landing pages reduce the loss of mobile visitors 

You can see in the chart that 31% of the total users (more than 20,000 people ) arrived at the desktop webpage using a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.  Both tablet and smart phones have smaller screens than a desktop or laptop computer so a full-sized page can be hard to read.  Laptops are not bad, but with a 3 inch telephone screen, a standard web page can be impossible to read and very frustrating to the mobile visitor.  Google says that 61% of those visitors are driven to competitors.

mobile landing page chart

You can also see that 80% of the mobile users are first time visitors (% New Visits), and 73% of those people bounced (Bounce Rate), which means they left the site at the 1st page they saw.  If this client had a mobile-friendly landing page built to engage mobile users and keep them on the site, they might be converting some of those 6,665 people into customers.  

If you don’t have a mobile landing page, how much is it costing you each month? 10 sales, 100 sales, maybe even more?   Mobile landing pages can be created for only a few hundred dollars.  

Get a mobile landing page and reduce your losses.

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May 31 2013

Millions of Mobile Users Looking for Your Business

Mobile Users are Looking for You!

With more than 6 billion mobile users of smartphones and other devices in the world, a good number of them must be looking for a business like yours.  Marketers have  seen these trends:

  • the number and dollar volume of mobile purchases is increasing
  • mobile users frequently do local searches to find a source close by their location
  • after finding a source, mobile users act quickly by calling, visiting, or buying on-line
  • mobile users have a very short attention span 
  • mobile users will not waste time on a non-friendly website

About 400 million mobile devices are active in the US, and sales continue to soar.  This chart shows that over half of those users go online often, and usage is expected to increase.  

If your business does not have a mobile-friendly website to attract them, you are missing many potential customers who will find your competitors before you.   


Let us help you join the Mobile Era.  Prices start at just a few hundred dollars, so they are very affordable, and because of their simple content. it usually doesn’t take long to build one.  We have created many of them, and we’d like to help you with yours.

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Source: Pew Internet’s study of US adults, Cell Internet Use 2012

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