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Dec 04 2014

Evergreen Business Capital’s Mobile Site

Evergreen Business Capital Partners in Seattle, WA launched their mobile web site (not a mobile app) in February 2014.   It is designed to allow their lending partners to quickly estimate payments in the field for a prospective Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan.   Their lending partners – who are normally bankers, CPAs and other financial firms – are now able to get data for a potential loan project immediately on their smart phone, and they can email it to anyone on the spot. When that happens, Evergreen receives an emailed copy of the estimate that was sent so they can see the volume of estimates that are in progress and can be aware of prospective incoming loans. Lending professionals are using mobile information more frequently and consistently, so having access to 504 loan information on a phone deepens the working relationships between lenders and Evergreen Business Capital.    A few screen shots of the mobile web site are shown below. The left image is the home page, and the right image is the estimated payment results from a loan calculation. Evg 504 home Evg 504 calc results Evergreen’s lending partners can use this website by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code on print media, such as a business card, or by typing the domain name into any browser on a smart phone.  When it is accessed the first time, it can be easily saved to the desktop on the phone. Try it yourself – just type in We offer these brandable, customized calculators to CDCs across the nation. If you’d like to have one for your CDC, give us a call at 317-644-6850, or email  We’ll gladly explain what is available by discussing all the features and options.
Dec 26 2013

Mobile Purchasers do Research, then Buy Quickly

A recent study by Google and Nielsen showed how mobile purchasers search for and access information, then make purchases quickly.  The study was published in Nov 2013 and is entitled “Mobile Path to Purchase: Five Key Findings.”  We are going to emphasize two of the five points from the report in this article. Mobile path to purchaseOne of the key implications of the report is for advertisers: “… consumers visit business websites on their phones an average of 6 times in their purchase process.”   Having a mobile-friendly site for potential customers is a key to getting these sales.   If you don’t have one, they will find a competitor who does. Another key implication is immediacy: “more than half (55%)of mobile consumers want to complete the purchase within the hour, and 83% want to purchase within a day.”  You need to make it easy for customers to contact you and start that transaction with “click to call” or provide them with mobile checkout capability so they can buy it without speaking to you. Both of these findings reinforce the fact that if you don’t have a mobile-friendly web site now, you need to get one quickly!  it doesn’t matter what you are selling, products or services, if you want to attract new clients, one of the best and most efficient tools is a great mobile experience for all those mobile internet users.

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Oct 03 2013

Mobile Sites Reach On-the-Go Customers

Recent research from Pew Research Center, a Washington D.C. based nonpartisan think tank, shows that 91% of Americans have a cell phone, and 56% of those are smartphones. Further, research showed that 63% adults use their phones to go online, with 34% using the phones exclusively to go online.  The logical conclusion from this is that businesses will reach customers on the go with smartphones as opposed to other devices because so many people own them. Mobile sites are built for easy navigation on a small screen and usually offer customers the choice to purchase immediately.  We believe that a mobile site is economical to build and to maintain, and in this day and age it should be a central building block of the marketing campaign.   A mobile site reaches the kind of people most businesses want for customers, and generate more leads, more sales and more profit! Here is our mobile site. It is direct and to the point – “contact us.”   Isn’t that what you want to happen in your business?

mobile sites ProVim

Jul 02 2013

User Behavior and Demand for Mobile Websites

User Behavior and Demand

The user behavior and demand for mobile websites is changing according to a newly published report entitled “The People’s Web Report” from Netbiscuits.    The report contains data from 5,000 active mobile web users (500 in each of 10 countries) and was conducted from Mar-May 2013.   Respondents were asked about the three main platforms commonly used today: smartphones, feature phones and tablets.

Here are some significant points from the report:

    • 25% spend more than six hours per day using a mobile device on the web; their most frequent activity was internet searching.
    • 33% expect the same functionality from mobile sites as they get on full-sized desktop sites.  They know how quickly and easily many standard websites, and expect a similar experience on mobile.
    • 61% say they would be more satisfied with faster downloading of content.  Slow downloads frustrate mobile users.
    • 76% said that they would not engage with a website that is not optimized for mobile, and 32% said they would not return to a badly performing web site.
  App vs. Mobile Site Although many articles say that mobile apps are preferred over mobile sites, this report did not confirm that assertion.    
  • 79 percent said they prefer to have the option of using a mobile website over an app.
  • Only 27 percent of respondents would usually download an app when prompted.
  • Only 18 percent said they are happy using apps.
We believe that our JQuery mobile websites work well for many businesses, and are less costly than creating an app.  Simple sites start at only a few hundred dollars, so you can’t afford not to have one.

 If potential customers don’t find a mobile-optimized site for you,

you are losing their business.

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Jun 14 2013

Just in Time Video Help Reduces Customer Complaints

The smart managers at TA Kaiser Heating and Cooling are using QR Code technology to help their customers — Just In Time!  They had experienced a number of service calls for No Heat or No Cooling in which the resolution was quick and simple.  Naturally customers didn’t like paying a full service call fee for a few minutes of work, but the company has to charge for their time.  The customers weren’t happy, and Kaiser managers knew they had more productive work their techs could be doing instead of these calls.

The solution was to provide Just In Time video training for the customers so that they could check the most common small fixes themselves before calling for help.  When a tech from TA Kaiser services equipment in a home today, they leave a magnetized plastic furnace jacket on the equipment.  This jacket contains contact information and printed instructions for trouble shooting the two most common problems: No Heat and No Cooling.  It also includes the QR code (shown below) that takes them to a page containing one short video for each problem.  Try it yourself right now!

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