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Dec 26 2013

Mobile Purchasers do Research, then Buy Quickly

A recent study by Google and Nielsen showed how mobile purchasers search for and access information, then make purchases quickly.  The study was published in Nov 2013 and is entitled “Mobile Path to Purchase: Five Key Findings.”  We are going to emphasize two of the five points from the report in this article. Mobile path to purchaseOne of the key implications of the report is for advertisers: “… consumers visit business websites on their phones an average of 6 times in their purchase process.”   Having a mobile-friendly site for potential customers is a key to getting these sales.   If you don’t have one, they will find a competitor who does. Another key implication is immediacy: “more than half (55%)of mobile consumers want to complete the purchase within the hour, and 83% want to purchase within a day.”  You need to make it easy for customers to contact you and start that transaction with “click to call” or provide them with mobile checkout capability so they can buy it without speaking to you. Both of these findings reinforce the fact that if you don’t have a mobile-friendly web site now, you need to get one quickly!  it doesn’t matter what you are selling, products or services, if you want to attract new clients, one of the best and most efficient tools is a great mobile experience for all those mobile internet users.

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Nov 15 2013

Capital Partners CDC goes Mobile!

Capital Partners CDC of Atlanta, GA has recently launched their new mobile web site (not a mobile app.)  It is designed as a marketing tool for lenders who wish to calculate potential SBA (Small Business Administration) 504 loans.    The website will be marketed to bankers, CPAs and other financial firms, so that lending partners will be able to get a quick estimate on a 504 loan via any smart phone at any time.  Bankers and other lending partners are using mobile technology more consistently, so having this 504 loan calculator available on a phone will strengthen their working relationships.  It also deepens their connection since it provides a speedy way for the Lender to contact a CPCDC Loan Officer with any questions.  By just saving their contact information on the home screen of the phone, they can easily speed dial their favorite loan officer. Shown below are a few screen shots of the CPCDC mobile web site.  The left image is the home page, and the center image is the estimated payment results from a loan calculation, which can easily be emailed to anyone in pdf format.  The right image shows how easy it is to contact staff members with one-touch technology. Capital Partners CDC home          Capital Partners CDC calculator          Capital Partners CDC Staff   Their lending partners can use this website by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code on print media, or by typing the domain name into any browser on a smart phone. When it is accessed the first time, it can be easily saved to the desktop on the phone. Try it yourself – just type in We offer these brandable, customized calculators to CDCs across the nation.  If you’d like to have one for your CDC, give us a call at 317-299-5150, or email We’ll gladly explain what is available and all the options.
Sep 20 2013

Mobile Access to Small Business 504 Loans

We recently finished a new mobile web site that allows people to easily consider getting a small business 504 loan using their smart phone. The company is Dakota CDC in Fargo, and shown below are a few images of their site.  By putting in your expected costs in a guided step-by-step process, the calculator will provide estimated loan costs and payment amounts, and send you a document with all the details.  You don’t have to go to the company office and sit with a loan officer to get the information – just get it in a few minutes wherever you are! The first view is their home page.  You can get there by scanning the QR code (which is being added to their print collateral) or by typing “” into a browser on your smart phone. Next is the small business 504 loan calculator, and finally an example of a staff listing.   Each of the staff members has their own page and their own QR code for direct access to it (which is printed on their business cards.) This mobile site is strengthening business relationships, speeding up the loan process, and using technology to reach a mobile audience!
504 mobile loan calculator

Home with QR code added

loan calculator 504

Mobile Loan Calculator

Dusek Staff Page

Individual Staff Pag

Jul 09 2013

Mobile Devices Change Viewer Behavior

It is easy to see how mobile devices change viewer behavior as they interact with websites. Mobile internet usage has rocketed up due to the massive distribution of smartphones, WI-FI access and tablet devices such as the iPad. In 2008, mobile devices used less than one percent of overall internet traffic but that has grown to fifteen percent in only 5 years. An important part of this change is that internet users behave differently from PC users. If you want to succeed online, you must have a mobile-friendly web presence to attract and keep mobile viewers.

Small Screens – Big Fingers

Navigating is easy on a standard desktop website using a mouse and a 15″ or larger screen, but that’s not always true when you are using one finger and a small screen on your mobile device. Fat-fingering, accidentally touching or typing something you didn’t mean to, can slow you down and frustrate you. A mobile website must also be easy to navigate because you don’t want mobile users to feel less important just because they use a mobile device. A simple layout and a few large finger-sized buttons make mobile users feel valued so they will stay now and come back later.

24 by 7 by 365

Mobile devices provide almost immediate access to solutions and information. Those who use them expect to be able to use them at any time, day or not, weekday or weekend, and from anywhere, not just the office. This “always on” mentality means that the most important features of your website have to be on the mobile site and the desktop site. And because they might be looking for something in the few minutes between meetings or before their child comes up at bat, they want a fast-loading, easy to navigate website.

Mobile Email Leads to Mobile Searching and Browsing

One recent study showed that over 40% of all email is viewed on mobile devices. Many emails contain links to web pages, and many other emails cause the reader to search for information. You don’t want users to have to go to the office to see your company website, so you need to have a mobile website optimized for the smaller screen so you can capture them right then. And, if you use marketing emails for subscribers, then creating mobile-optimized messages is also just as important as a mobile-optimized website.

Future Growth and Importance

There is still strong desktop and tablet internet access, but the trend toward a mobile lifestyle is adding many thousands of new mobile users daily. The daily demands of work, the desire for more efficient time management, long commutes and many other factors make mobile internet access such a convenient service for many people. Once you start using mobile, you just won’t feel right when you are not connected. In 2014, internet users in the US are expected to access the web via mobile devices more than they do via non-mobile devices. Businesses of today have to take actions to grow their customers from both types of users.
Jun 12 2013

Who Uses a Phone Book Anymore?


Business owners have known for years that they needed a listing in the phone book so that people could find them.  They paid a lot of money for the ads believing it brought them business because people regularly used the phone book.

Is the Phone Book Dead?

Today’s leaders have to decide whether to continue paying for phone book ads, as well as paying to create and maintain their website.  Part of that decision is their belief about how many people use the phone directory, and how many people use web search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

It is not easy to find out how many people still use the phone book to find businesses, but we can consider our own behavior and that of families and friends as a guide.  In my case, we haven’t kept a telephone book in years, even though they are delivered several times a year.  We always recycle them immediately because they are too slow to use.  I have heard others say the same thing, so I believe the use of them phone books is low.  As for search engines, I probably do at least 2-3 every day and some days do many more.   Is your experience similar?

 It is much easier to measure traffic that comes from internet search engines, and even to divide it up by desktop computers and mobile devices.  There are several reliable analytic packages available that can be added to a website to get the information, as well as a lot of completed research you can use today.   Mobile users are clearly strong in this area.  According to a 2012 Google study, 92% of smart phone users use internet search engines to find local businesses, and 89% of them have taken action after finding a local source of what they are seeking.  For other types of ads,  phone tracking software can show you exactly who is calling you from any particular source.  There are a lot of tools to help you.

 If you doubt the value of continuing your phone book ad, we can help you make the decision.  By adding the right analytics tools to your website, you can get the data you need.

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