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Jul 05 2013

QR Codes on Stormwater Signs

Leaders in Elkhart County, IN recently installed 51 new stormwater signs to highlight local rivers, streams and lakes throughout the county.  Each sign also has a QR code on it, which can be scanned with a smart phone.  Currently, the QR code leads to a website featuring a “Clean Water Tip of the Week”, but the QR codes on the signs will be used for other educational activities, especially to teach the public about the county’s waterways.

qr code for todays qrThe signs were recently used for a treasure hunt, which took participants to parks, bicycling and walking trails, and boat launches where they could find the stormwater signs. Each sign had a letter and number on it, which hunters used to fill in the blanks to complete the phrase on the treasure hunt entry sheet.  Families were encouraged to complete the treasure hunt together.

This is a great example of an inventive use of QR codes.  We have many other examples from our customers, and would be glad to share them with you.  Maybe you could use them in your business.

Jun 24 2013

21 Ways to Use QR Codes in your Business

I saw this list of 21 ways to use QR codes in your business posted on a resources page for Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce in Texas.  It is such a good list, I decided to repost it for our blog readers.  Thanks to the author, SK Technical Services for putting it together and sharing it on the internet.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are similar to a bar code, but they allow a smart phone to go directly to a web page without having to type in the web page address, also called a URL.  Since it is difficult to do a lot of typing on a smart phone, QR Codes are a great time saver and error preventer, that help people find you.   Here are 21 ways you can start using them in your business today.

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Jun 19 2013

QR Code Strategy #3 – Engage Your Users

This is the third in a series of  QR code strategy ideas you might use for promoting your business with QR (Quick Response) codes.  

This Strategy is Engage Your Users!

In many businesses, especially service or retail businesses, some of the customers are waiting.  Like a husband waiting while his wife tries on a dress, or a patient waiting for the nurse to bring them into the doctor, or a customer at a car dealer waiting for the oil change to be finished.   All of these people could be engaged in thinking about the business, but they are probably not.  They might be reading magazines, or dozing, or checking email.   

If you want to engage them, you could use this QR strategy to post QR codes in the waiting room with information that might draw their interest.  Every wall or flat space could become a QR code display, or  you could have signage.   Using the 3 examples above, the husband might like to see a video of “romantic ideas to surprise your wife”, or the patient might like to see biographical information about the doctors in that practice, or the car dealer might want to show a video about the new models coming out soon.

Getting those who are waiting to be mentally engaged with your business can be profitable for you.   All you have to do is think about what you can put on the other end of that QR code to draw their attention.  The Korean grocery company, Tesco, has captured a large audience of people waiting for subway trains and their business has mushroomed.  There isn’t any reason you can’t do something similar in your business.  

video engagement jmd

Here is an example of how Dr. Jay Piatek provides video resources for his clients at the Piatek Institute.   They can watch his streaming video from this QR code when they are waiting and it allows them to fill their time in a useful manner, as well as getting them excited about the professional service he offers.   

Give us a call at 317-299-5150 if you’d like more information, or more examples of how to use QR codes in your business.


Jun 13 2013

McDonalds Using QR Codes on Bags

Using QR Codes on Bags and Cups

In a recent press release, McDonald’s announced their use of QR codes on their cups and bags to disseminate nutritional information.  This is a shift in strategy and reflects a trend that many businesses are demonstrating.  How are you doing in that area?

Customers with mobile devices can use them to scan the QR codes for stories and facts about the food.  According to McDonald’s Chief Brand Officer Kevin Newell , “Our new packaging is designed to engage with customers in relevant ways and celebrate our brand.  Customers tell us they want to know more about the food they are eating and we want to make that as easy as possible by putting this information right at their fingertips.”  Look at the photo below; what do you see?

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