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Jun 18 2013

QR Code Strategy #2 – Educate Your Users

This is the second of a three article series about QR codes strategy and how to use them effectively.

This QR Code Strategy is Educate Your Users

 This article focuses on ways to educate viewers about your products or services, and ways to change their behavior in interacting with you.

The great benefit of the QR Codes (QRC) is that no typing is required, saving time and avoiding the frustration of an incorrectly-typed address.  Of those who scan it, 100% will go to the address where your message is located.Here are a few examples:

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Jun 17 2013

QR Code Strategy #1 – Increase Your Message

This is the first in a series of articles about QR code strategy for using QR codes in your business.  In the series, we’ll tell you several useful approaches to using QR codes in  your print collateral.   

The first QR code strategy is Increase Information in Your Message.

Many businesses believe that print advertisements are expensive and difficult to write.  The right text for one market segment might be the wrong text for another segment, so how do you know what to write?  And how many words can you write in one ad (or on a business card) without being too text heavy?  And how will you know the number of people who read that ad so you can judge whether it was worth the money?  The effects of advertising expenditures can be hard to measure.

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Jun 14 2013

Just in Time Video Help Reduces Customer Complaints

The smart managers at TA Kaiser Heating and Cooling are using QR Code technology to help their customers — Just In Time!  They had experienced a number of service calls for No Heat or No Cooling in which the resolution was quick and simple.  Naturally customers didn’t like paying a full service call fee for a few minutes of work, but the company has to charge for their time.  The customers weren’t happy, and Kaiser managers knew they had more productive work their techs could be doing instead of these calls.

The solution was to provide Just In Time video training for the customers so that they could check the most common small fixes themselves before calling for help.  When a tech from TA Kaiser services equipment in a home today, they leave a magnetized plastic furnace jacket on the equipment.  This jacket contains contact information and printed instructions for trouble shooting the two most common problems: No Heat and No Cooling.  It also includes the QR code (shown below) that takes them to a page containing one short video for each problem.  Try it yourself right now!

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