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Jun 24 2013

21 Ways to Use QR Codes in your Business

I saw this list of 21 ways to use QR codes in your business posted on a resources page for Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce in Texas.  It is such a good list, I decided to repost it for our blog readers.  Thanks to the author, SK Technical Services for putting it together and sharing it on the internet.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are similar to a bar code, but they allow a smart phone to go directly to a web page without having to type in the web page address, also called a URL.  Since it is difficult to do a lot of typing on a smart phone, QR Codes are a great time saver and error preventer, that help people find you.   Here are 21 ways you can start using them in your business today.

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Jun 18 2013

QR Code Strategy #2 – Educate Your Users

This is the second of a three article series about QR codes strategy and how to use them effectively.

This QR Code Strategy is Educate Your Users

 This article focuses on ways to educate viewers about your products or services, and ways to change their behavior in interacting with you.

The great benefit of the QR Codes (QRC) is that no typing is required, saving time and avoiding the frustration of an incorrectly-typed address.  Of those who scan it, 100% will go to the address where your message is located.Here are a few examples:

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Jun 17 2013

QR Code Strategy #1 – Increase Your Message

This is the first in a series of articles about QR code strategy for using QR codes in your business.  In the series, we’ll tell you several useful approaches to using QR codes in  your print collateral.   

The first QR code strategy is Increase Information in Your Message.

Many businesses believe that print advertisements are expensive and difficult to write.  The right text for one market segment might be the wrong text for another segment, so how do you know what to write?  And how many words can you write in one ad (or on a business card) without being too text heavy?  And how will you know the number of people who read that ad so you can judge whether it was worth the money?  The effects of advertising expenditures can be hard to measure.

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Jun 08 2013

Business Card QR Codes

Business Card QR Codes Engage Customers

One of our clients is the owner of a very successful weight-loss clinic, The Piatek Institute in Indianapolis, IN.   One afternoon before she was a client, she called us.  She said she was not happy with their existing website, and knew it needed an update.   We asked how she had found us and what caused her to call us.

She had been shown our work from the business card QR code of the owner of Frye Electric of Avon, IN, and was immediatelyqr code frye electric impressed.   Mr. Frye uses his business card QR code to show people his personal video immediately, instead of giving them the URL in the hope that they will type it in later and take a look.   The short video is like an “elevator speech” but there are no stumbles or mistakes in it.  It is 100% identical every time someone sees it.  And if they don’t have time for a discussion, they can easily scan the code later from their smart phone.  Scan the QR code on the right if you want to see what Mrs. Piatek saw.          

Here are 4 reasons why QR codes belong on business cards:

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May 29 2013

Mobile Access for 504 Small Business Loans

New Mobile Website Getting Great Reviews

Premier Capital Corporation serves as one of Indiana’s leading certified development companies accredited by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).  They work as a partner with bankers and business owners to provide small business loans via long-term financing for real estate, machinery and equipment. mobile site home page In order to make it easier for people to compare small business loans, they developed a calculator on their website that produced estimated payments using their SBA 504 loan program.   That worked well for a number of years.  However, with the recent growth of mobile internet access and mobile device usage, Premier decided they needed a mobile version also.   In cooperation with Provim, an Indianapolis mobile web developer, the team created a  mobile website that was launched in May and was enthusiastically received right away.   If you have a mobile device with scanner, you can scan this image and see it for yourself.    

Here are some of the features that make it so popular:

  • it is a branded mobile site with custom colors and logo
  • simple, finger-sized buttons make it easy to use
  • the calculator visually leads you through the inputs
  • one touch comparison results for 504 loan versus a  7a loan
  • one button “send pdf” emails the loan structure and payments
  • home page has “save to phone” button
  • all staff members are shown on one page linked to individual pagesdownload button

Staff members like additional features:

  • every staff member has their own page with photo
  • one-touch to dial for their direct phone number
  • every staff member has a unique QR code to their page for their business cards
  • one touch “download my contact info” for each staff member
  This project is a great example of using an opportunity to think big.  Instead of just recreating the calculator on a smaller screen, they created a unique mobile tool that improves their work flow and appeals to the new crowd of mobile users. If you are thinking about moving into the mobile generation, give us a call and let us suggest some things.  You may be surprised what we can do for your business!

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