Social Media

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Where do your Facebook likes come from?

This sample metric chart of social media activity comes from Facebook Insights.  With our mobile-friendly “One Touch to Like” button, they received 63 new likes within the first 30 days.   This solved the “Find us on Facebook” problem – give your users ‘one touch’ access to your social channels.

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Social media management

Social media buttons provide the perfect opportunity to engage your audience where they’re already interacting — on your website. By providing these additional methods to engage with your brand, you:

  • Open new lines of communication
  • Place your brand in front of a new audience
  • Generate more interest in your products or services


Solutions that benefit your marketing strategy

Social media marketing takes a strong strategy and consistent effort to pull it off; we can do both.  ProVim provides social media management solutions for clients, including:

  • Web social marketing
  • Social networking
  • Social media development
  • Continuous management

We create an engaging profile for your brand by creating a strategic plan and providing new and effective content relevant to your brand. Social media development for your brand includes choosing the right social media for your situation and  actively engaging your audience.  This activity increases exposure, awareness, and conversions over time. 

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