Jul 05 2013

QR Codes on Stormwater Signs

Leaders in Elkhart County, IN recently installed 51 new stormwater signs to highlight local rivers, streams and lakes throughout the county.  Each sign also has a QR code on it, which can be scanned with a smart phone.  Currently, the QR code leads to a website featuring a “Clean Water Tip of the Week”, but the QR codes on the signs will be used for other educational activities, especially to teach the public about the county’s waterways.

qr code for todays qrThe signs were recently used for a treasure hunt, which took participants to parks, bicycling and walking trails, and boat launches where they could find the stormwater signs. Each sign had a letter and number on it, which hunters used to fill in the blanks to complete the phrase on the treasure hunt entry sheet.  Families were encouraged to complete the treasure hunt together.

This is a great example of an inventive use of QR codes.  We have many other examples from our customers, and would be glad to share them with you.  Maybe you could use them in your business.


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