Jun 08 2013

Business Card QR Codes

Business Card QR Codes Engage Customers

One of our clients is the owner of a very successful weight-loss clinic, The Piatek Institute in Indianapolis, IN.   One afternoon before she was a client, she called us.  She said she was not happy with their existing website, and knew it needed an update.   We asked how she had found us and what caused her to call us.

She had been shown our work from the business card QR code of the owner of Frye Electric of Avon, IN, and was immediatelyqr code frye electric impressed.   Mr. Frye uses his business card QR code to show people his personal video immediately, instead of giving them the URL in the hope that they will type it in later and take a look.   The short video is like an “elevator speech” but there are no stumbles or mistakes in it.  It is 100% identical every time someone sees it.  And if they don’t have time for a discussion, they can easily scan the code later from their smart phone.  Scan the QR code on the right if you want to see what Mrs. Piatek saw.          

Here are 4 reasons why QR codes belong on business cards:

  1. Easier to use – no typing needed for anyone with a smart phone
  2. Personalized – a different code and video for each staff member
  3. Measurable results – track the number of visitors who came from QR
  4. Fluid – if you update the landing page, all old still cards point to the new content

We believe adding business card QR codes will help your business, and we are ready to get started on your project. 

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