Jun 18 2013

QR Code Strategy #2 – Educate Your Users

This is the second of a three article series about QR codes strategy and how to use them effectively.

This QR Code Strategy is Educate Your Users

 This article focuses on ways to educate viewers about your products or services, and ways to change their behavior in interacting with you.

The great benefit of the QR Codes (QRC) is that no typing is required, saving time and avoiding the frustration of an incorrectly-typed address.  Of those who scan it, 100% will go to the address where your message is located.Here are a few examples:

The first example for this QR code strategy is that you can use the QRC to direct viewers to a video about your service or products.  Seeing your spokesman or the product in use is much more persuasive than reading a list or seeing a 2-dimensional image.  In this example, you will see Hal Frye talk about his business, his years of experience, and why you should choose his company for your work.  This is like having your “elevator speech” ready for delivery 24 hours a day.    Hal uses the QRC on his business cards, his fleet vehicles, and many other promotional items.  You can scan the code now to see the video on your mobile device, or click on this link to see it on your non-mobile device.  

Second, you can use the QRC to change behavior in gathering information, and you can gather it at any time, 365 days a year, all day and all night. The normal behavior is to get clients to fill out a paper survey and drop it in box while your store is open, but one of our clients, Indiana Pork, wanted to take an electronic survey of their food quality.   As an incentive, they decided to offer a new iPad as the prize to be awarded from the drawing.  They used a QRC on the sign at their food tent and it was printed on the drink cups at the Indiana State Fair, so that people with mobile devices could complete the survey immediately after eating.  There was a much higher probability of people completing the survey at the tent than if they went home and typed in a URL.  You can scan the QRC below to see the survey page (the contest is over), or you can click on this link to see it on your non-mobile device.  The survey will not appear properly scaled on a non-mobile larger screen. 

help video TA Kaiser

Finally, you can also use the QRC to educate and change client behavior
, such as to move their focus from low profit products/services to more profitable ones.  An example of this is TA Kaiser, an Indianapolis Heating & Cooling business.   They were receiving many calls for no heat or no cooling, but when they arrived at the home they found it was a simple reset or a simple fix.  The homeowner naturally didn’t want to pay a full charge for a simple fix, but the company has to charge for the trip, so they were in a no-win situation.  They decided to put a QRC on the furnace jacket so that homeowners could scan the code and watch a short help video of common fixes.  Customers watching the video on their mobile devices are now walked through a few simple checks in about 3 minutes.   Homeowners are saving money by not paying for simple fixes, and TA Kaiser employees do not go on as many low-return service calls.   Scan the QRC below to go to the help videos, or click on this link to see it on your  non-mobile device.  

 There are many creative ways to use this new technology, and we can help you with innovative ideas for your business challenges.  In our next article in the QR Code strategy series, we’ll discuss how to Engage with QR codes.

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