Jun 17 2013

QR Code Strategy #1 – Increase Your Message

This is the first in a series of articles about QR code strategy for using QR codes in your business.  In the series, we’ll tell you several useful approaches to using QR codes in  your print collateral.   

The first QR code strategy is Increase Information in Your Message.

Many businesses believe that print advertisements are expensive and difficult to write.  The right text for one market segment might be the wrong text for another segment, so how do you know what to write?  And how many words can you write in one ad (or on a business card) without being too text heavy?  And how will you know the number of people who read that ad so you can judge whether it was worth the money?  The effects of advertising expenditures can be hard to measure.

qr code strategy business card

This is where a good QR code strategy comes into play.

You can add a QR code to each business card, print ad , tri-fold or flyer to increase the amount of information it conveys.  There may not even be any additional cost for this, since you are just adding the code to your normal print advertising.

Here’s an example of adding a QR code to the back of business cards used by TA Kaiser Heating and Cooling.   Since a QR code immediately takes the person scanning it to a web page, a video, a song, a slide show, etc., you can have an expanded message there to increase their interest in your service.  You can’t say that much on a small business card, but by adding this small code, you can say quite a bit more without spending more.  If you have a smart phone, try it yourself – scan the code and watch the video!

Use Coupons or Videos to Get User Engagement

Some types of larger messages include  a discount coupon, multiple images of the product, or a video showing the product in use.  Whatever you choose, you can easily count the users who viewed this message and determine whether it is working or not.  And you can either leave the same  message up for other print materials, or you can update message witout changing the QR code.  The choice is up to you!

The next 2 blogs in this series are “Entertaining with QR Codes” and “Educating with QR Codes.”  If you have questions or comments, let us know.  You can call us at 317-299-5150 or send an email to info@provim.net.

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