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Mobile websites are essential today

Mobile internet usage is a major lifestyle change, just as significant as the change from land lines to cell phones was.  In fact, mobile internet access will soon exceed desktop internet access in the US.  Over 40% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so if there are links in your email to your website, they’ll be viewed on a small screen.

Mobile web sites are as necessary today as a phone number. We can build a complete mobile website or just a mobile landing page.  Either way, having a mobile friendly web presence is essential today.   


green arrow95% of smart phone users look for local information on their phone
 green arrow88% take action on it that same day,
green arrowwith
 77% calling or visiting the business. 


green arrow81% of smart phone users access the internet on a mobile device,


& 59% use the Internet on their phones while arrow


We offer a mobile website for your business with easy to use features such as:

One Touch to Dial one touch dial
One Touch to Map one touch map
One Touch Social Sharing social icons
 & Streaming Video   


A Mobile Website will Build your Brand

Gain more ‘likes’like button and ‘followers’ twitter follow buttonbecause of easy social sharing at the moment of interest.

Women 35-54 are the most active group in mobile socialization;

91 % of mobile internet access is to socialize, compared to only 79% on desktops. 

Your brand will grow as customers easily share information about it.

Don’t let another day pass where your competitors are attracting a mobile audience and you aren’t!


Getting a mobile site is quick and easy, and prices start at only $255.  Let us be your mobile web site builder.

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qr code in capsuleQR code marketing

Mobile technology doesn’t stop at your website. Open your organization’s mobile marketing channels using QR codes. From print to web, add QR code marketing to print collateral and send people directly to your mobile-friendly website. Create specific mobile landing pages for marketing campaigns, and track your campaign’s reach with QR code analytics.





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