Oct 03 2013

Mobile Sites Reach On-the-Go Customers

Recent research from Pew Research Center, a Washington D.C. based nonpartisan think tank, shows that 91% of Americans have a cell phone, and 56% of those are smartphones. Further, research showed that 63% adults use their phones to go online, with 34% using the phones exclusively to go online.  The logical conclusion from this is that businesses will reach customers on the go with smartphones as opposed to other devices because so many people own them. Mobile sites are built for easy navigation on a small screen and usually offer customers the choice to purchase immediately.  We believe that a mobile site is economical to build and to maintain, and in this day and age it should be a central building block of the marketing campaign.   A mobile site reaches the kind of people most businesses want for customers, and generate more leads, more sales and more profit! Here is our mobile site. It is direct and to the point – “contact us.”   Isn’t that what you want to happen in your business?

mobile sites ProVim

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