Jun 14 2013

Just in Time Video Help Reduces Customer Complaints

The smart managers at TA Kaiser Heating and Cooling are using QR Code technology to help their customers — Just In Time!  They had experienced a number of service calls for No Heat or No Cooling in which the resolution was quick and simple.  Naturally customers didn’t like paying a full service call fee for a few minutes of work, but the company has to charge for their time.  The customers weren’t happy, and Kaiser managers knew they had more productive work their techs could be doing instead of these calls.

The solution was to provide Just In Time video training for the customers so that they could check the most common small fixes themselves before calling for help.  When a tech from TA Kaiser services equipment in a home today, they leave a magnetized plastic furnace jacket on the equipment.  This jacket contains contact information and printed instructions for trouble shooting the two most common problems: No Heat and No Cooling.  It also includes the QR code (shown below) that takes them to a page containing one short video for each problem.  Try it yourself right now!

help code
If the homeowner doesn’t understand the printed instructions (or doesn’t want to read them) they can scan the QR code with their smart phone and see a tech walk through each step of troubleshooting that problem.  In just a few minutes, they might be able to resolve their own problem.  They might not have to wait in a cold house until the tech can get there and then pay for the service call.

The most common solutions are available to them for free, and are delivered “just in time”, exactly when they are needed.  This is smart customer service.

If you want some ideas on how you can use just in time video technology in your business, give us a call.  

You can email info@provim.net or call us at 317-299-5150.



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