Website Hosting Services

Website Hosting Services are needed for every website

Once a website is built, it has to be located on a server with an address tied to your domain name; this is what website hosting services are and why every site needs them. To keep your site online and accessible to your audience, ProVim offers hosting services which house your organization’s information on the internet and protect your data online.

Our dedicated servers are located in a F5 Data Center located in Dallas Texas with redundant backups located over 1,500 physical miles away in Chicago, Illinois.  We also create daily backups of your data which we can restore if your site is damaged or hijacked.   

Website Hosting service considerations

  • Domain management is essential to protect your organization’s web real estate.  When we control both the domain and the website, we can provide full service and flexibility to you.
  • Software is updated periodically, so we can check your site once a month to ensure that it has all required security patches and updates.  There is an extra cost for this service, but it provides the best protection for you.
  • Protect your site, and the sensitive information being sent to it. SSL (secure socket layer) keeps your organization’s information safe, and your customers can see it is trustworthy.

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