Dec 04 2014

Evergreen Business Capital’s Mobile Site

Evergreen Business Capital Partners in Seattle, WA launched their mobile web site (not a mobile app) in February 2014.   It is designed to allow their lending partners to quickly estimate payments in the field for a prospective Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan.   Their lending partners – who are normally bankers, CPAs and other financial firms – are now able to get data for a potential loan project immediately on their smart phone, and they can email it to anyone on the spot. When that happens, Evergreen receives an emailed copy of the estimate that was sent so they can see the volume of estimates that are in progress and can be aware of prospective incoming loans. Lending professionals are using mobile information more frequently and consistently, so having access to 504 loan information on a phone deepens the working relationships between lenders and Evergreen Business Capital.    A few screen shots of the mobile web site are shown below. The left image is the home page, and the right image is the estimated payment results from a loan calculation. Evg 504 home Evg 504 calc results Evergreen’s lending partners can use this website by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code on print media, such as a business card, or by typing the domain name into any browser on a smart phone.  When it is accessed the first time, it can be easily saved to the desktop on the phone. Try it yourself – just type in We offer these brandable, customized calculators to CDCs across the nation. If you’d like to have one for your CDC, give us a call at 317-644-6850, or email  We’ll gladly explain what is available by discussing all the features and options.

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