Domain Management

Domain Management Service

Take domain management for your organization off of your to-do list.  New TLDs (top level domains – the three letter extensions at the end of each domain name) are coming out in the future, so there will be opportunities to purchase your company name with these additional new extensions.  We can manage all your domains and advise you of opportunities when they arise.

With ProVim’s domain management service, we will:

    • Register new domains for you
    • Renew and protect existing domains
    • Create sub-domains when needed
    • Forward domains to other web sites or pages

Let us safeguard the ownership of your domains, your organization’s private information and valuable reputation, while keeping your domains up-to-date.  

It is easy for you when you turn it over to ProVim.

Domain Management Renewals

Expired domains can create issues which are easily avoided with our domain renewal service. With our domain management service, you won’t risk expiration.  We notify you well in advance of each expiration so you can decide to renew or let it expire.  If you’ve got a long list of domains for your company, forwarding then can be a tedious task. We can manage all your domains for you and ensure they’re leading customers where you intended.

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