Desktop Websites

Your Desktop Website – the Face of your Organization 

A polished desktop website tells customers who you are and what you do; a great desktop website creates value for your customers and increases conversions.  No matter what business you’re in, put your best foot forward with our desktop website solutions.  Whether you want to build a new website or update an existing website, let us do the website development for you.

Our website development process begins with an interview to gather company information, digital branding files, and find out your goals.  The initial interview is followed by research into online competitors and the development of a list of appropriate keywords for site content.  Our team will present a graphical site map and information architecture for each page of the website.   Upon your approval, or modifications, the coding will begin.

At every step of the process, we will communicate with you to answer questions, to seek approvals, and to provide status reports.  We have a solid web development process and we follow it.

Desktop Website Solutions  for New or Existing Sites

  • content management system (CMS) sites allow you to control content and easily update your organization’s website.

  • e-Commerce website solutions allow you to sell your products online, and access a whole new market.

  • After your site is up and running, it still requires attention for your organization’s continued success. Website analytics and heat maps provide valuable information about how users interact with your website, which you can use to your advantage.

  • We can also implement call tracking so that you can see how many phone calls come into your office from each campaign or type of advertisement.

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