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Jan 16 2015

[rcrtext1]If I could automate[/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]with CRM[/rcrtext2]

ProQueue CRM


Discover connections within your contacts that you didn’t even know.

ProQueue CRM is contact-centric, because we don’t do business with companies we do business with people within companies.

Every step through the sales cycle our revolutionary Money Over Time (MOT) graphs show when and where your revenue comes from.

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Feb 06 2013

[rcrimg]icon2[/rcrimg][rcrtext1] If had a [/rcrtext1][rcrtext2] mobile website[/rcrtext2]



Your current & potential customers are increasingly using mobile websites and smart phones to find information and buy services.  Mobile users want immediate gratification like immediate discounts and price comparisons, then they want to share their good deals with others.

 According to Google67% of mobile users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly business

Companies without a good mobile site drive 61% of mobile traffic to their competitors.

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Jan 08 2013

[rcrimg]icon1[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]If I could edit [/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]my own site[/rcrtext2]





If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your organization’s website up-to-date on your own, ProVim will develop your website using a CMS. With a CMS solution, you’re in control of your content; update text with important information, change photos, upload videos and more, at your convenience.







Jan 08 2013

[rcrimg]icon3[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]If I could Sell my [/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]products online [/rcrtext2]



An E-Commerce website allows you to reach beyond the doors of your physical location, expanding your market. ProVim will create an E-Commerce site for your organization, allowing customers to purchase your goods without leaving home.



Dec 06 2012

[rcrimg]icon5[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]If I could enhance the [/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]content on my website [/rcrtext2]

Copywriting , Photography, video


Create compelling written, visual, and interactive content for your website to enhance communication with your users. ProVim’s Copywriting, Photography, and Video services can provide a makeover for your current content, or create new content to communicate your organization’s message.



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