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Jun 13 2013

McDonalds Using QR Codes on Bags

Using QR Codes on Bags and Cups

In a recent press release, McDonald’s announced their use of QR codes on their cups and bags to disseminate nutritional information.  This is a shift in strategy and reflects a trend that many businesses are demonstrating.  How are you doing in that area?

Customers with mobile devices can use them to scan the QR codes for stories and facts about the food.  According to McDonald’s Chief Brand Officer Kevin Newell , “Our new packaging is designed to engage with customers in relevant ways and celebrate our brand.  Customers tell us they want to know more about the food they are eating and we want to make that as easy as possible by putting this information right at their fingertips.”  Look at the photo below; what do you see?

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Jun 10 2013

What Is a QR Code?

Many people are asking what is a QR code?

QR Codes are two dimensional barcodes that often contain an internet address leading to a mobile-friendly web page.     qr code for todays qr

Codes can include references to video, audio, mobile websites, text message or phone number dialing, calendar appointments, contact information, plain text or more.

Free barcode reader applications for most mobile devices can be downloaded and used to decode these bar codes.

QR codes are an instant vehicle to deliver additional information found in print — instant interactive information for your customers.  No matter what your products or services are, if you want your audience to have a Quick Response (QR) experience to complement the printed message, you need QR Codes.

Because QR Codes are online, this enables you to effectively measure the reaction and engagement with that audience. Have you ever wondered the value of the phone book, or how many leads were generated from a specific print magazine ad?  Each use of the QR Code to get to the destination is tracked so you’ll know if your advertising dollars are generating traffic for you.

We create the QR code for you and the experience for the user.  The information they see is specifically tailored to the item or service being promoted, and the environment in which it is delivered is aligned with your goal.

Understanding the viewer’s environment will drive the design of the solution as well as the actual product or service itself.  If the QR code is to be used in the Sunday newspaper flyers, typically that audience is sitting in their living room enjoying coffee. That display should have emphasis on great audio to provide a multi-sensory experience. If the setting is has a high amount of background noise, a text based video should be developed – providing an effortless and informative experience.

The goal of a QR code is for it to easily lead potential clients to an enjoyable, interactive experience that answers their questions and informs them – ultimately, driving them to make a purchase.

Jun 08 2013

Business Card QR Codes

Business Card QR Codes Engage Customers

One of our clients is the owner of a very successful weight-loss clinic, The Piatek Institute in Indianapolis, IN.   One afternoon before she was a client, she called us.  She said she was not happy with their existing website, and knew it needed an update.   We asked how she had found us and what caused her to call us.

She had been shown our work from the business card QR code of the owner of Frye Electric of Avon, IN, and was immediatelyqr code frye electric impressed.   Mr. Frye uses his business card QR code to show people his personal video immediately, instead of giving them the URL in the hope that they will type it in later and take a look.   The short video is like an “elevator speech” but there are no stumbles or mistakes in it.  It is 100% identical every time someone sees it.  And if they don’t have time for a discussion, they can easily scan the code later from their smart phone.  Scan the QR code on the right if you want to see what Mrs. Piatek saw.          

Here are 4 reasons why QR codes belong on business cards:

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Jun 07 2013

Three Tips for Using QR Codes

Three Tips for Using QR Codes

QR (quick response) codes are gaining in popularity as more and more mobile internet users scan them on their mobile devices; however, many of them are not being used properly.   The tips for using QR codes below can help you get better results with your codes and avoid costly mistakes.

Step 1 – Plan the full action cycle before you publish.

  • Spend some time thinking through what result you want the codes to achieve.   Start by determining a few specific actions you want taken by people when they scan them, such as calling you on the phone, or sending in their email address to get a coupon, or watching a video about your service.  
  • Next think of something of value to reward them for taking that action.  It has to be significant enough (in their mind) to get them to do it.  
  • Finally think about your internal system’s response to their action.  You might send them a coupon, or call them to set up an appointment, or  mail them a brochure.   You also need to plan for saving details of the interaction so that you can follow up later. 

Step 2 – Design the experience for the user.

  • Take them to a mobile landing page created specifically to get the result you want.  Don’t include anything else on the page that distracts from what you want them to do.  Make it simple and understandable – do “this” and you will receive “that.”
  • Keep it colorful, engaging and easy to use.  Finger-sized buttons with bold text.
  • Make it fast.  If the page loads slowly, they may not wait and you’ll lose them.
  • Use a thank you page or immediate email to verify that they completed the action.

Step 3 – Place the QR code appropriately using these considerations.

  • waiting area – the best placement is where people are waiting for something
  • size – make it prominent but not overbearing
  • safety – do not put it where a person would be endangered by scanning it
  • flat spot – do not place it near the fold of a magazine or on a curved surface
  • timing – TV commercial viewers need more than 5 seconds to get their phone out
  • motivation – with nearby text, explain why they should scan the code
  • usage – place it where people expect to find that kind of information


With thorough planning, well thought-out design and proper placement, your QR code promotions should achieve the results you want.   These tips for using QR codes should be helpful.  QR codes are an excellent tool, but they need to be used correctly to work best.

May 30 2013

Your Website on a Phone – How Does it Look?

Have you taken the time to view your own business website on a phone, just to see what others see?  If you do not have a separate mobile web site, you might be surprised how much effort it takes to find anything on that small screen, even your contact information.

 Give it a try on your own smart phone, or if you don’t have one, ask a younger person to try it for you.  It can be a real eye opening experience the first time you see your “normally-19 inch” website on a phone – with a 3 inch screen.   Hal Frye, from Frye Electric in Avon IN knew he needed a website on a phone, and now he is happy with his mobile site.  

mobile website Frye Electric

The snowballing growth of smart phones with internet access means that businesses who don’t have both a mobile site and a desktop site are probably losing customers to competitors who do.   Can you afford to lose potential customers who have found your site but don’t like it?

If your site doesn’t look good on your phone, don’t get left behind.  

Give us a call today at 317-299-5150, or send an email (   Let us show you other examples and help you get your company into the mobile-era.  You’ll be glad you did!


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