Mobile Sites Reach On-the-Go Customers

Recent research from Pew Research Center, a Washington D.C. based nonpartisan think tank, shows that 91% of Americans have a cell phone, and 56% of those are smartphones. Further, research showed that 63% adults use their phones to go online, with 34% using the phones exclusively to go online.  The logical conclusion from this is that businesses will reach customers on the go with smartphones as opposed to other devices because so many people own them. Mobile sites are built for easy navigation on a small screen and usually offer customers the choice to purchase immediately.  We believe that a mobile site…read more

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Mobile Access to Small Business 504 Loans

We recently finished a new mobile web site that allows people to easily consider getting a small business 504 loan using their smart phone. The company is Dakota CDC in Fargo, and shown below are a few images of their site.  By putting in your expected costs in a guided step-by-step process, the calculator will provide estimated loan costs and payment amounts, and send you a document with all the details.  You don’t have to go to the company office and sit with a loan officer to get the information – just get it in a few minutes wherever you are!…read more

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Mobile Devices Change Viewer Behavior

It is easy to see how mobile devices change viewer behavior as they interact with websites. Mobile internet usage has rocketed up due to the massive distribution of smartphones, WI-FI access and tablet devices such as the iPad. In 2008, mobile devices used less than one percent of overall internet traffic but that has grown to fifteen percent in only 5 years. An important part of this change is that internet users behave differently from PC users. If you want to succeed online, you must have a mobile-friendly web presence to attract and keep mobile viewers. Small Screens – Big…read more

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QR Codes on Stormwater Signs

Leaders in Elkhart County, IN recently installed 51 new stormwater signs to highlight local rivers, streams and lakes throughout the county.  Each sign also has a QR code on it, which can be scanned with a smart phone.  Currently, the QR code leads to a website featuring a “Clean Water Tip of the Week”, but the QR codes on the signs will be used for other educational activities, especially to teach the public about the county’s waterways. The signs were recently used for a treasure hunt, which took participants to parks, bicycling and walking trails, and boat launches where they could find…read more

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User Behavior and Demand for Mobile Websites

User Behavior and Demand The user behavior and demand for mobile websites is changing according to a newly published report entitled “The People’s Web Report” from Netbiscuits.    The report contains data from 5,000 active mobile web users (500 in each of 10 countries) and was conducted from Mar-May 2013.   Respondents were asked about the three main platforms commonly used today: smartphones, feature phones and tablets. Here are some significant points from the report: 25% spend more than six hours per day using a mobile device on the web; their most frequent activity was internet searching. 33% expect the…read more

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