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Jun 26 2013

Mobile Websites Reduce Lost Traffic

Want to Convert 10% More Traffic to Sales?  

Business success is not always about getting more traffic to your website.   It might be better to reduce lost traffic with a good mobile website experience.

mobile website reduces lost traffic





This chart above shows data from one of our customers who did not have a mobile site.  Notice how many users (31%) were using mobile technology (smart phones and tablets.)  Look at how many less web pages they visited, and how much less time they spend on the page.

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Jun 24 2013

Don’t Help Scammers Prey on Grandma

Can Scammers Prey on Your Family?

grandma scammer prey Do you realize that information you post online can endanger other people who love you?  Because of the growth of social media sites, scammers are able to reap a harvest of private information about family members from children and grandchildren with very little effort.  Many websites make money by recycling information about people and selling it to those who are looking for it.  One example is   Try looking up your own information – you may be surprised what you find.

The Call to Grandma

Here is a recent true story that illustrates the this type of scam.  A woman in her 80’s received a call at her home in a senior living apartment.  A police officer said that her grandson Andrew had been arrested in Texas along with several others who were in a van that contained a large amount of drugs.  He said the young man had requested his one phone call to his Grandmother and then he passed the phone to him.  Although he was crying and a little hard to understand, Andy told his grandmother that he was in jail and very scared.  He had not known there were drugs in the car but he had been with the wrong people and was now accused of drug possession along with the others.  A friendly officer had offered to help if he could get $2,100 in cash quickly for a lawyer, and he pleaded with her to send it as soon as possible.  She said she would, so Andy put the officer back on the line and he gave her instructions.

Don’t Tell Anyone

She was to tell no one about the situation because it involved drugs from Mexico and needed to be kept quiet while they investigated.  It also had to be completed within hours, so she was to take the cash to Wal-mart and wire it to him by Western Union.  She agreed and hung up.  The woman was panicked about her grandson going to jail, so she immediately got someone from the facility to take her to the credit union.  As she was withdrawing the money, she told the cashier what she was doing, and the cashier immediately knew it was a scam.  Since this happened was a small Indiana town, the cashier knew her family and contacted one of the daughters, who came to help.  If the woman had been able to get the cash on her own, or if she already had the cash on hand, she surely would have sent it to save the young man.

How Did This Happen?

She really does have a grandson named Andrew, and the man on the phone sounded like him.  Maybe the crying covered his voice just enough to fool her.  When they daughter called to check on him, they found out Andy had not been arrested, and he wasn’t even in Texas.  So how did the scammers get all this information? Andy and his family do a lot of social media postings and include information about other family members as they discuss birthday parties or family events.   The scammers probably found the grandmother’s name in one of the postings, and did a simple online search to get her phone number.  That is all it takes to to initiate this type of crime. Don’t let something like this happen to you or your loved ones.  Be careful about what you post on the internet, or what family members post about you!  Remember – once you post it, everyone has easy access to it, and you cannot get it back.
Jun 24 2013

21 Ways to Use QR Codes in your Business

I saw this list of 21 ways to use QR codes in your business posted on a resources page for Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce in Texas.  It is such a good list, I decided to repost it for our blog readers.  Thanks to the author, SK Technical Services for putting it together and sharing it on the internet.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are similar to a bar code, but they allow a smart phone to go directly to a web page without having to type in the web page address, also called a URL.  Since it is difficult to do a lot of typing on a smart phone, QR Codes are a great time saver and error preventer, that help people find you.   Here are 21 ways you can start using them in your business today.

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Jun 21 2013

Recruiting on Mobile Website Attracts Applicants

Recruiting on Mobile Websites is Growing Trend

Companies would be wise to begin recruiting on mobile websites to show openings and attract more job seekers.  This statement is according to a USA Today article published on Feb 25, 2013, ” Employers’ old tech hurts hiring as job hunts go mobile.”  Both  CareerBuilder and Indeed, two leading job-search sites, say the number of mobile searches has more than doubled the past year.

Attract Applicants Who Respond Faster 

Recruiting on mobile websites allows users to set up alerts about new job postings, and they can then receive messages at any time about a new opportunity.   Mobile applicants are also able to respond to alert messages and submit their resume sooner, such as at lunch, on the ride home, or watching TV in the evening.  Since they don’t have to wait to get home to send in a resume or to agree to an interview appointment, they believe this gives them an edge on their competitors.  They think their resumes get read and acted upon ahead of other desk-bound applicants in the screening process.

If you are looking for candidates “who are a little more cutting-edge,” you should consider recruiting on mobile websites.  You might find that the quality of your applicants is  higher due to their technical skills and interests.  You will also know that these applicants can work from their mobile phone if needed.

 Good for Permanent or Temporary Hiring

mobile website recruitinghiring mobile website

One of our clients, Indiana Pork, is using a mobile landing page to sign up temporary employees for their Food Tent at the Indiana State Fair.   Here is an image of their landing page and the QR code that leads to it.  This would be easy to use with a banner, or on signage at a job fair, or in any kind of print collateral.

If you are seeking college interns, this could be posted on a college bulletin board, added to a Facebook post or a included in a Tweet.  It is likely to be shared quickly in that way, since all college students have mobile devices.

If you want to give this a shot with your recruiting, give us a call.  We’d be glad to help.  

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Jun 19 2013

QR Code Strategy #3 – Engage Your Users

This is the third in a series of  QR code strategy ideas you might use for promoting your business with QR (Quick Response) codes.  

This Strategy is Engage Your Users!

In many businesses, especially service or retail businesses, some of the customers are waiting.  Like a husband waiting while his wife tries on a dress, or a patient waiting for the nurse to bring them into the doctor, or a customer at a car dealer waiting for the oil change to be finished.   All of these people could be engaged in thinking about the business, but they are probably not.  They might be reading magazines, or dozing, or checking email.   

If you want to engage them, you could use this QR strategy to post QR codes in the waiting room with information that might draw their interest.  Every wall or flat space could become a QR code display, or  you could have signage.   Using the 3 examples above, the husband might like to see a video of “romantic ideas to surprise your wife”, or the patient might like to see biographical information about the doctors in that practice, or the car dealer might want to show a video about the new models coming out soon.

Getting those who are waiting to be mentally engaged with your business can be profitable for you.   All you have to do is think about what you can put on the other end of that QR code to draw their attention.  The Korean grocery company, Tesco, has captured a large audience of people waiting for subway trains and their business has mushroomed.  There isn’t any reason you can’t do something similar in your business.  

video engagement jmd

Here is an example of how Dr. Jay Piatek provides video resources for his clients at the Piatek Institute.   They can watch his streaming video from this QR code when they are waiting and it allows them to fill their time in a useful manner, as well as getting them excited about the professional service he offers.   

Give us a call at 317-299-5150 if you’d like more information, or more examples of how to use QR codes in your business.


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