Jun 24 2013

21 Ways to Use QR Codes in your Business

I saw this list of 21 ways to use QR codes in your business posted on a resources page for Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce in Texas.  It is such a good list, I decided to repost it for our blog readers.  Thanks to the author, SK Technical Services for putting it together and sharing it on the internet.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are similar to a bar code, but they allow a smart phone to go directly to a web page without having to type in the web page address, also called a URL.  Since it is difficult to do a lot of typing on a smart phone, QR Codes are a great time saver and error preventer, that help people find you.   Here are 21 ways you can start using them in your business today.

  1. put it on  your business cards linked to your contact information
  2. company tee shirts go to your home page
  3. add it to price tags for more information about the product
  4. add it to your contact page so that people can scan it and add you to their contacts easily
  5. add it to an instruction sheet so that people can easily watch an instructional video if needed
  6. use them on print ads, with different codes for different target audiences
  7. use on campaign banners or event signage
  8. use on For Sale signs to provide video or additoinal information
  9. add it to your luggage or brief case for easy identification
  10. create one to automatically send a Tweet
  11. put one on each wall or table in your restaurant to take people to logins for Foursquare or Facebook
  12. add one to your Linked In page to take them to your contact info or special offers
  13. use it with an autodial function so that it calls you when they scan it
  14. add it to postcards or fliers to take them to a special offer
  15. put in on nametags at conferences so people can easily add contact information when they meet
  16. use them on invoices for upsells or special offers
  17. use at the end of videos to go to the offer page
  18. use Paypal buttons that take them straight to your Paypal page or donation page
  19. use to promote special events
  20. use in PowerPoint presentations
  21. use different QR codes for each promotion or target audience so that you can track your success and usage


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